New Arrivals from the TV Anime, "Soul Hunters," figurines of Taikobo and Su-Pu-Shan! The Konron Doushi, Taikobo and his Reiju, Su-Pu-Shan have been made into a voluptuous figurine pair.

The figurine shows in 3D the smiling Taikobo riding Su-Pu-Shan whilst holding a Pao-Pei, Whip of the Gods. The chest plate is very detailed and a lot of attention is paid to the clothes moving in the wind. Notice also the expression on Su-Pu-Shan's face, expressing the bond between Su-Pu-Shan and his master.

"Soul Hunters, Taikobo and Su-Pu-Shan Figurine" is 21,890 Yen (Tax Included) and Hobby Japan Online Shop etc. will be taking pre-orders until January 15th, 2020. The figurines are expected to be shipped around August to September, 2020.

(C) Tsutomo Ano / Ryu Fujisaki, Shueisha "Soul Hunters" Production Committee