Herbariums made in the image of Persona 5'sAmamiya Ren and The Velvet Room have appeared. The resemblance of the character's images and appearances in these items make them a must have for fans.

For the "Amamiya Ren Model", baby's breath and rose flowers were selected to create a coloring representing the essence of Amamiya Ren. The Phantom Thieves also appear via the Joker Mask charmand Calling Card plate at the neck of the bottle, and the black base helps tightens the mood in the room.

The "Velvet Room Model" has a blue base and uses dumosa, baby's breath, rose, and french hydrangea. The design of the label contains the letters written on the hats of Justine and Caroline, while the seal and gold chain charms closely resemble The Velvet Room.

The "『Persona 5 』 Herbarium Collaboration" (two types) cost 6,800 yen each (tax not included). Reservations are being accepted until Dec. 2, 2019, and the products are expected to be shipped for late March 2020.