Sheryl Nome that appeared in TV anime 「Macross F」 will have a life sized figure. You can also enjoy the feeling that Sheryl is singing for you as there is a hidden Bluetooth speaker.
The price for a single one is 2,400,000 JPY and is limited to first 10 peoples who registered for it.

「Macross F」 was created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 「Macross」 series and it was broadcasted as a TV series on Apr. 2008 and even released two movies on 2009 and 2011.

This product, 「Sheryl Nome’s life-sized Figure」 was designed with the clothing which used in the most popular singing scene in this series,「Lion」 and the elegant pose that suit her. In order to make use of the 1/1 scale, her features such as her outstanding proportion that everyone adored, the smooth line of the stretch leg etc. was faithfully created based on the image of the original works.
Despite the high cost of 2.4 million JPY for a single one, the quality is amazing as even the ear ring and those details parts were recreated properly.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the feeling that the singing princess, Sheryl, who hold the alias “Galactic Fairy”, is singing for you provided you are connected to the hidden Bluetooth speaker located at the back of her hair from your computer or smartphone. It is also recommended to place her next to 「Ranka Lee’s life-sized figure」 that is sold separately.

The price for a single 「Sheryl Nome’s life-sized Figure」 is 2,400,000 JPY. It is limited to the first 10 person who pre-order it from now until Dec. 1, 2019 and the product is expected to be delivered on Mar. 2020.