From TV anime “Fate / EXTRA Last Encore”, Tosaka Rin, fighting in battle has become 3D.
Reservations is accepted on Aniplex’s official mail order site “ANIPLEX +” until Dec. 1, 2019.

In this product, Tosaka Rin is made into a 3D figure with a lot of highlights such as bold posing, powerful hair flow, and a metallic textured spear. The prototype was produced by the prototype master, Nobuta, who has produced a number of masterpiece figures, and the coloring was done by Hoshina Tomomi. Their work left nothing to be desired.

The price of “Tosaka Rin (in battle) 1/7 scale figure” is 17,380 yen (tax included) and reservations is open on “ANIPLEX +” until Dec. 1, 2019. Product delivery is scheduled for Apr. 2020.

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