It was announced that the theatrical anime 『The Island of Giant Insects』 will be released on Jan. 1, 2020. At the same time, the preview video and the key visual were unveiled for the first time along with comments from the cast members such as M・A・O who plays as the main protagonist, Oribe Mutsumi and the other casts.

『The Island of Giant Insects』 is adapted from a popular survival panic horror manga serialized in 「Manga Cross」 that has over 1.1 million previews per month.
The story follows how Oribe Mutsumi along with students of Houshou private high school who have lost their morals and reason, to survive on an island dominated by giant insects after their plane crashed during a school trip.

The key visual released this time reveals the main characters, including the protagonist, Mutsumi, confronting the giant insect.

The preview video was packed with several encounters with the enormous insects along with fear and terror, such as their battle against the 「Snake dragonfly」 which glows eeriely at their backs.

The theatrical anime 『The Island of Giant Insects』 will be released from Jan. 10, 2020 in 23 theaters nationwide, including Shinjuku Baltic 9 and T. Joy PRINCE Shinagawa.

<Below contains the full commentary>
【Oribe Mutsumi, CV:M・A・O】

The impression that Mutsumi-chan gave is that she is someone who has a lot of knowledge about insects, has a gentle and calm personality, but is also good at surviving. And even though she’s bad at having a conversation, when something she likes comes up she’ll start babbling non-stop which is something really relatable for me(laughs). I am really happy that the theatrical release was decided and can be shown on the big screen where the video and sound are greatly amplified. Please do enjoy the drama filled insects drawn with great attention to details especially their forms, as well as the humans who struggles to survive in such a harsh environment! Hope you’ll like it! !

【Naruse Chitose, CV:Tachibana Rika】

Naruse Chitose whose voice I’m playing as is a very serious and solid chairperson! Because of her nature, she may tend to collide with others, but she also have some other good aspects like being friendly to her allies. There aren’t really many chances to seriously observe insects for me usually, so to be able to see insects drawn on the big screen seems really cool!
Also please look forward to the slightly erotic scenes of the female characters! (Lol)
I believe the ultimate panic horror work can only be truly expressed through animation and CG. I hope you all will have a great experience in the theater.

【Matsuoka Ayumi, CV:Fukuen Misato】

The theatrical version is finally released! I’ve been waiting for this. The thought of “That unique world is now on the big screen! !” fills me with excitement..
I would be happy if I could get pumped up along with everyone in the cast, and be excited about Mutsumi-chan’s bravery.
I would like everyone to witness Mutsumi’s kindness and strong sense of justice, but there is also that scene which surprised me even in the original.
No way! No way, to think a day to play such a love scene will come! Even after dubbing, I was feeling uneasy(laughs)
Please! Do check it out at the theater.

【Miura Mami, CV:Asakura Momo】

I think the main highlights of this work is the depiction of insects. The movements of those giant insects were so realistic it even gave me goosebumps during recording!
Miura Mami, who I’m playing as, is a cute girl who is both mature and afraid of both people and insects, but she is someone who will use any means to survive. With the urge to shout, escape and puke… it was a lot of fun to be able to experience things that I couldn’t experience before.
I hope everyone go and have a watch at the theaters as soon as possible to experience this thrilling movie!

【Misuzu Jinno, CV:Takahashi Chiaki】

That 「The Island of Giant insects」…is finally adapted into a theatrical version! A thrilling story development … with plenty of scenes that will make your hands sweat! The realistic movements of the insects are also worth noting.
And…the crowdfunding project 「Takahashi Chiaki vs. Gigantic Sand Wasp」 bromide is also finished in a very intense photo! Please look forward to its release next year …!

【Inou Ai, CV:Kubo Yurika】

I am Kubo Yuriko, who is playing as Inou Ai. Inou-chan’s impression is that she has a cheerful and brilliant personality, so I think she is the type of girl who can get along with everyone well regardless of their gender. I’ve noticed that there were certain aspects in the work that gives off a strong sense of justice. As for the highlights of the work, there were some exaggerated portrayals and among that is the exciting erotic aspects, which I personally believe may create a genre gap?

【Kai Kazuhiko, CV:Eguchi Takuya】

Kazuhiko is a crazy guy who plays a supporting role for the main character. At first, I thought he was a nice guy who likes to be involved with strong things, but later then I understood he’s actually those type that calmly assess certain situations, and good at reading the atmosphere. I wish I could explain that part of his better.
Anyway, the highlight of the work is that the insects are terrifying! Lol, I think most people are already afraid of small insects. So to scale up those already terrifying insects several times, will amplify the terror several times more! Despair is amazing! Lol I hope everyone can enjoy the throbbing feeling of whether you can escape from the terror.

【Kamijo Atsushi, CV:Komada Wataru】

Kamijo Atsushi, the character I’m playing as this time, is a bossy character who has a vulgar appearance and rough tone, and doesn’t like to be involved in things.
It’s ironic to see there is a part where, Atsushi who only thinks of himself show some kind of leadership due to pressure in a dire state where everyone was in.
I hope everyone can fully taste the fear that insects may attack anytime and anywhere and how will the 「Humans」, that were suddenly thrown into a world packed with ferocious huge insects, express their true nature to survive!

【Enoki Inaho, CV:Inoue Marina】

When I read the story of 「The Island of Giant Insects」, and saw the character name Enoki Inaho came up, I did some digging on my own and to my surprise, I found out that she was actually a character from another work by the same author. I’m really look forward to see how Inaho-san, a character with a sense of friendship? would appear!

(C)Fujimi Yatsutaka・REDICE (Akita Bookshop)/The Island of Giant Insect Production Commitee