Smartphone game 『BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!』 along with apparel brand “WEGO” is having the 3rd collaboration. Not only collaboration apparel, but goods of each character wearing WEGO’s product will also be sold.

This 3rd-time collaboration apparel includes Ichigaya Arisa’s 「MA-1」, Uehara Himari’s 「BIG Checkered Shirt」, Maruyama Aya’s 「BIG Hoodie」, Udegawa Ako’s 「Waist Bag」, Kitazawa Hagumi’s 「Cable Knit」 which is wearable for both females or males. The characters wearing collaboration apparel have also been published.

In addition, collaboration goods such as 「Hand Towel WEGO ver.」 and 「Trading Acrylic Holder WEGO ver.」 are also available.

Each item will be sold at WEGO eligible stores until October 27, 2019, and at WEGO ONLINE STORE (only for collaboration apparel) until October 28. There will also be a sticker gift for collaboration apparel buyers and other collaboration projects, so please check the official website for details!

■Physical store: October 11 (Friday) 2019 ※ Scheduled to end physical store sales on October 27 (Sunday) ※ Ends as soon as the product is sold out
■ WEGO ONLINE STORE (pre-order): October 11, 2019 (Friday) 10:00 – October 28 (Monday) 11:59 ※Only for collaboration apparel

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