From 「Code Geass」, the Frame Shinkiro which is the same as popular as Lancelot Albion and Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements (Gurren Seiten Hakkyokushiki) has appeared in the METAL ROBOT Damashii. Reservation is being available at shops handling hobby products nationwide.

In this product, the proportions that have been carefully selected are reproduced with completely new modeling. In addition to using paint and plating to express the shiny color in the play, the joints were die-cast to reproduce the heavy texture.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a mechanism for changing to fortress mode based on the settings. In addition to being able to display the absolute guard area with a dedicated support, it is also possible to reproduce the battle scenes in the play by developing the Slash Harken.

The price of “METAL ROBOT Damashii Shikiro” is 13,000 yen (tax exclusive) and will be released in February 2020.

(C)SUNRISE/PROJECT L-GEASS Character Design (C)2006-2017 CLAMP・ST