In-house script writer team of ANIPLEXCo., Ltd. “Script Room” has started 2nd general recruitment of writers.
Under the supervision of the chief, animation director Ito Tomohiko , who worked on the Sword Art Online series, and other ANIPLEX producers, the system of the scenario production is fully prepared.
The “Script Room” was established in 2016 with the primary purpose of creating anime scenarios, and was transferred to the planning and production group in FY2019. In addition to creating sentences related to the production and promotion of ANIPLEX works, as an in-house creative group, the team is working on a new approach to script production.

The general recruitment of writers will be conducted with the aim of strengthening the team and finding and developing new talents. Entry is accepted on the special site until October 15, 2019.

[Business description]
・ Anime scenario creation
・ Create texts related to animation production and promotion
[Eligibility for entry]
[Number of contracts]
Some names
[Entry period]
September 30 (Mon)-October 15 (Tue) 23:59