『Dragon Ball』Dragon Radar that appears in the play is coming to light with the scale estimated from the image of the play thanks to the 「PROPLICA」 Adult use series. Reservation is accepted at hobby merchandise shop all over Japan now.

This merchandise of Dragon Radar is reproduced with overwhelming molding. The LED indicates the Dragon Ball that makes it seem to be emerging, bringing out the reality of the item. There are 2 modes prepared for this merchandise. 「Let'ssearch for it!」 mode owns the function where when the switch is pressed, you will be able to enjoy the effect produced which shows the scattered Dragon Balls gathering all around, where when all of them gather, The summon sound of Shenron and lines will be activated. On the other hand, 「Let's get it!」 mode allows you to play the game of stopping theDragon Ballswhich are moving around timely.

「PROPLICA Dragon Radar」 priced 2,750Yen(Tax included) is scheduled to be released inthe February of 2020.

PROPLICA Dragon Radar

(C)Bad Studio/Shueisha・Toei Animation