Collaboration between 『Grimoire A~Private Grimoire Magic Academy~』 and 『The Helpful Fox Senko-san』will begin on September 20th.

『Grimoire A』 is set in a magical academy that changes its appearance in real time. It is a fully-voiced academy life adventure game where you meet unique classmates, form parties, work hard and deepen bonds.
On the other hand, 『The Helpful Fox Senko-san』 is a carefree type comedy for those who are tired of modern society and seeks to be pampered. 12 episodes were released from April till June 2019.

In the collaboration campaign, 「Senko (CV. Azumi)」 and 「Shiro (CV. Mayu Uchida)」 will appear as students in the game, as well as a login campaign where 「SR Senko」 will be given for free, Twitter campaigns relating to the fox Senko-san where giveaways of autograph from voice actors will also be held.

To commemorate this collaboration, Anime!Anime! had a mail interview with Azumi Waki who plays the Senko role and Maaya Uchida who plays the Shiro role. Asking for their thoughts and opinions and the project.

This time, which is the first part, an interview with Azumi Waki will be released.

Azumi Waki-san

――May I ask what are your thoughts on the collaboration with 『Grimoire A』 this time?

Waki: There’s a lot of cute girls in 『Grimoire A』, so to be able to be part of it makes me very happy!
『Grimoire A』 had several collaborations with other works in the past, but to have a collaboration with Senko-san makes me feel very honored….!

――「Senko-san」 who was voiced by Waki-san, what kind of character would you describe her as in a word?

Waki: Motherly!! A character contrary to her appearance, an old lady within which makes you want to get pampered by her full force.

――What are your thoughts on the collaboration illustration?

SSR [Inari] Senko(CV. Azumi Waki)

Waki: I can see Senko-san who seems like she’s having so much fun which is very cute…. I wanna fluff her.

――When you participated in the phone to users function 「More@」, in the situation where you’re making a call, have you ever felt nervous at all during the recording?

Waki: Senko-san don’t really make phone calls as she’s not used to machinery, but during the phone call,I am conscious of that I mede a certain distance between me and the person.
It was supposed to be a call filled with tenderness, so I’ve tried imagining in my mind where I’m staring into the eyes of the person I was calling

――What do you think are the charms of this collaboration to a fan of 『The Helpful Fox Senko-san』? On the other hand, for the ones who are interested in “Senko-san” in this collaboration, please check out the anime.

Waki: For the collaboration, I think fans from both sides will be very happy, I hope fans from 『Grimoire A』 will understand the charms of 『The Helpful Fox Senko-san』, so please do use this chance to get pampered a lot by Senko-san.