A preview for the 「Fragtime」OVA had been unveiled. The main theme, 「fragile」by Every Little Things, was also decided as the character's cover. Comments from the main cast such as Miko Itou and Yume Miyamoto and additional casts like Chika Anzai and others have also been released.

『Fragtime』 was originally adapted from a teen romance manga by Sato. The story follows a peculiar relationship between an anti-social highschool girl with the ability to stop time for 3 minutes named Misuzu Moritani, and the class's number one beauty who is immune to the time-stopping ability, Haruka Murakami.

The preview that was released this time features several new scenes where the character voices can be heard for the first time.

Furthermore, the theme song featured in the video is a song cover by Miko Itou and Yume Miyamoto, who are voicing Misuzu Moritani and Haruka Murakami's cover of 「fragile」, a popular song by Every Little Things. The song was sung full-heartedly and honestly as a way to convey the splendorous time spent together with your important someone and an irreplaceable encounter.

Additional casts like Chika Anzai who will be voicing Yuka Kobayashi, Miyuri Shimabukuro, Miho Hayashi, Yuichiro Umehara, Azusa Tadokoro, Minami Takahashi and Ayane Sakura were also announced.

OVA『Fragtime』will be available for screening on November 22th at Shinjuku Wald 9 for a limited period.
Moreover, 「2nd Movie Ticket Card with a Special Clear File」 will be available for sale from September 13th at the screening location.

<Below contains the full commentary>

【Misuzu Moritani Role/Miko Itou】
Fragtime is a work that expresses the real worries and conflicts that adolescent teens commonly go through, and the delicate kind of love that comes from their age. I'm very glad that I was given the opportunity to convey that as Moritani in the OVA. I am deeply moved by Moritani and Murakam's own world as I've been playing their role.

【Haruka Murakami Role/Yume MIyamoto】
I'm Yume Miyamoto who was assigned to voice Haruka Murakami. From the time I first read 『Fragtime』, Murakami felt really relatable to me, that's why personally Muratani-san is one of the few persons who saved my life. That's why I would be glad to be able to see through both of those innocent girls youth to the end.

【Yukari Kobayashi Role/Chika Anzai】
I'm Chika Anzai who will be voicing Kobayashi. Firstly after reading the after record script, I was quite surprised that Kobayashi is getting more scenes compared to the original source. I was glad but also pressured at the same time, I'm glad that I was able to liven up the story up against the two main protagonists. It is a work filled with the youth and passion of adolescent girls. I can't wait to have a taste of the two main protagonists interact with their time stopping secret at the screening! There won't be a next time, so please take this precious time to go and enjoy the film. Looking forward to the screening!

【Miyuri Shimabukuro】
I participated in the recording with a feeling like I was secretly peeking at the girls from a distance. It's not just a light-hearted work, but I think it's a work that gently wraps up the complex feelings I felt back when I was a student. I would be happy if you could appreciate how they entrust each of their bodies to each other as time flows between them.

【Miho Hayashi】
To become that girl's special someone. Moritani's swaying emotions felt really nostalgic to me. What is my true self, till this day i still don't understand. Sometimes unknowingly asking myself, "Who am I?" along with a pain in my chest that feels like it's about to burst. Though, I'm not the only one who's going through that. I don't have to worry about that. It's a wonderful work with that sort of ideas.

【Yuichiro Umehara】
I understand that it's a heart-warming story after watching it till the end without break. It delicately depicts the worries of conflicts and socializing that everyone had experienced at least once during their highschool days. Hopefully the students nowadays can have the courage to take that step forward. After being involved in this work, I strongly believe the feelings I had back in my youthful days were truly irreplaceable.

【Azusa Tadokoro】
During recording, while listening to Murakami-san and Moritani-san's conversation, it felt like i was not supposed to listen to it…but, it felt pretty good…. those sort of mysterious atmosphere…! Everyone please do participate in the screening to experience that sort of atmosphere! I was very happy to be able to participate in this work this time and observe it close by.

【Minami Takahashi】
It's a great work that pulls you in. Even when I'm reading the main source or the script, I have moments that felt like time itself has stopped. I'm really looking forward to watch the gradually changes between the two main protagonist's relationship at the screening. I hope their warm daily life will bring wonderful flowers to your heart.

【Ayane Sakura】
I wonder how the secret of these two in such a small world, can greatly affect each other's world. And the excitement, nervousness, love and pain between them. Their happiness will all be handled by Director Satou's animation, please do join the screening.

Misuzu Moritani:Mika Itou (伊藤美来)
Haruka Murakami:Yume Miyamoto (宮本侑芽)
Yukari Kobayashi:Chika Anzai (安済知佳)
Miyuri Shimabukuro (島袋美由利)
Miho Hayashi (拝師みほ)
Yuichiro Umehara (梅原裕一郎)
Azusa Tadokoro (田所あずさ)
Minami Takahashi (高橋未奈美)
Ayane Sakura (佐倉綾音)

Original Work:Sato『Fragtime』(Published by Akita Shoten)
Director・Screenwriter:Takuya Satou
Character Design:Tomoko Sudou
Prop Design:Seiji Nishimoto
Color Design:Hiroshi Iwada
Art Director:Honda Takashi
Art Setting:Honda Takashi、Mashihiro Satou、Hidefumi Kimura
Photographer:Takeshi Kuchiba
Editing:Masahiro Gotou
Main Theme:「fragile」
  Sung by:Misuzu Moritani(CV:Mika Itou)&Haruka Murakami(CV:Yume Miyamoto)
Animation Production:Tear Studio
Distribution:Pony Canyon
(C)2019 Sato(Akita Shouten)/「Fragtime」Production Committee