A lengthy over 3 minute main scene clip from the 『Ni no Kuni』 movie was announced. It shows an important scene with stunning visuals that'll have a large influence in a later part of the story right after Yuu's meeting with princess Asha.

『Ni no Kuni』is being produced by Exective Advisor/ Draft Screenwriter Akira Hino whom made the 『Layton』series, Yoshiyuki Momose, the one behind 『Only Yesterday (Omohide poro poro)』's storyboard and original artworks will be the director, and Joe Hisaishi whom composed for 『Spirited Away』will be in charge of the music.
In The real world known as "First Country (Ichi no Kuni)", and another world known as "Second Country (Ni no Kuni)" where a second one's self exists where his or hers life is at risk, Yuu and Haru tends to find themselves wandering into the other world occasionally. After finding out their childhood friend Kotona and Estabania's princess, Asha's lives are in danger, they both were forced into an "ultimate choice". What did the both of them choose in the end…..

The video shows Yuu and princess Asha's hearts touching at the "Lake of Cleansing" in order to cleanse the remaining evil spirits.
One of the most notable scenes where Yuu and princess Asha's heart connect truly displays Yoshiyuki Momose's stunning visuals and Joe Hisaishi's harmonious music.

The Movie『Ni no Kuni』 is currently available.

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