“Cute Adult” themed watch, bag, and outerwear inspired by Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara and Tooru Amuro of the series Detective Conan have been revealed. SuperGroupies is accepting pre-orders up until the 17th of September.

The Conan Edogawa-inspired watch resembles his famous anesthesia gun watch motive. On the clear board, “soccer ball” prints and “criminal tracking glasses” image is engraved. It has a multi-function specification with a calendar, day of the week, and 24-hour counter, making it an excellent collection for Detective Conan fans.

Next up is Ai Haibara-inspired 2way bag which has 「Detective Conan」 logo printed on its front side. Inside there is an “APTX4869” and Ai Haibara’s beloved “FUSAE BRAND” logomark combined, making it an original textile itself. Furthermore, a playful bag charm inspired by Ai Haibara’s “Ryusuke Higo” charm is also attached.

For the Tooru Amuro-inspired outerwear, the long coat is inspired by the color scheme of the vest worn in the “The Jet-Black Mystery Train.” On the left chest there is an embroidery of 「Detective Conan」 and 「0」 logo combined. You can change your style by using a belt if you’d like.

「Detective Conan」 Collaboration Items is up for pre-order on SuperGroupies until September 17th. Price (before tax) for the items is as follows, 14,800 yen for the Conan Edogawa watch, 12,800 yen for the Ai Haibara bag, and 19,800 yen for the Tooru Amuro outerwear.

(C) Aoyama Gosho / Shogakukan / Yomiuri TV / TMS 1996